Terms & Conditions

All reservations should be made through the official site or telephone numbers.

Airport Shuttle Runner Transportation

will NOT be HELD LIABLE for transactions made outside our official channels incase of any misrepresentations.

Airport shuttle Runner Transportation

will not be responsible for any late time due to conditions beyond our control or unforeseen circumstances. This includes but not limited to the following: Traffic or mechanical breakdowns, any act of nature, floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters causing delays. Airport shuttle Runner Transportation reserves the right to shorten the time if at any time a Client or member of the Party becomes violent, destructive or in any other form, shape or manner; harasses or abuses the Chauffeur.

All fares/rates or availability are subject to change without notice, confirm your rate/fare when making your reservation. There is ALWAYS a 20% driver gratuity. We charge a $45.00 fee for Wait- Time exceeding 30 minutes or up to the agreed hourly rate which ever comes first. We charge full service rate for NO-SHOWS. If you do not see your driver, call us at: 1 (888) 635- 5682.

Cancellation policy:
You have the right to cancel your reservation for up to 48 hours before the original scheduled time without any charge. You will be charged the full fare for any cancellations made after 48 hours to the original scheduled time.

Changes to your reservation are allowed but subject to the following conditions: All changes to your reservation must be approved, a new confirmation number will be issued; major changes involving vehicle, number of passengers, flight times, or you wish to cancel your reservation if we cannot accommodate your changes may incur additional charges as applicable.

Vehicle Choice:
We reserve the right to change any vehicle requested to accommodate you at anytime, that may include color, style or model. We do this for the Client's interest if we feel that the vehicle requested is neither not available, not accommodative or other reasons beyond our control. By making a reservation you are affirming that you accept this vehicle change rule and Airport Shuttle Runner Transportation or its Associates will not be held liable.

Any damage to the vehicle by any member of the Party will be the responsibility of the contracted member. Any cost (s) of repairs associated with damage (s) must be paid by the contracted member, including storage fees for out of commission vehicles. These includes damaged seats, burn marks, broken glasses, torn/soiled carpets, upholstery, fiber optic mirrors and headliners. For limousines and sedans there is a $475.00 and a $375.00 for vans and shuttles for cleaning fees. Airport Shuttle Runner Transportation is not liable for any baggage or other personal belongings left in the vehicles after our service as vehicles exchange hands so often.
Airport Shuttle Runner Transportation further reserves the right to alter or amend these terms and conditions of service at any time in which time you will be notified with enough time to agree or disagree before your scheduled reservation time.

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